Cocktails and food pairing from Japan

We have the pleasure to announce the menu of fusion of food and cocktails from Japan that will take place on Thursday 11th of May at 21 hours.

  • “Ensaladilla” of Wakame seaweed with calamari deep fried with panko. PURÉE BLACK MALT, OLD    FASHIONED.
  • Risotto with shiitake mushrooms, bamboo and parma. NIKKA BLENDED SOUR.
  • “Negret” with yucca and green curry. MIYAGIKIO, SOL.
  • Heart of veal, mango, ginger aroma and sweet red potato. NIKKA FTB, GINGER BEER WITH ICE.
  • Smoked whiskey and chocolate pie. YOICHI AND THE ROCKS.

Price: 36 € (VAT included)

Reservation required


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